Friday – 4/19/2019

Took the RV up to Cades Cove for Easter weekend. Not a terrible drive, but the wind was tough on the interstate. Got to the campsite (B27) about 7pm EST & set up. Met a couple from FL with a dog named Kelty.

Went to Townsend for some groceries & subway – learned that Elkmont had closed due to flooding. Glad we couldn’t find a site there!

Rained on & off all night. Big angry drops from the trees when it stopped. Lucy slept on the bed for most of the night. Loves camping so far.

Lots of empty spots in Cades Cove – people seem to no-show because of the rain.

Saturday – 4/20/2019

Slept as long as we could. Then rode Cades Cove. Pretty quick trip – not crowded. Too dreary for any shots – will try again tomorrow. Still looks like the bet spots are the parking spot, Carter Shields & the tree at the end.

Got the camper moved to B59 where we can stay for the rest of our time. Pain in the ass just to move. Packed the cooler and headed out.

Checked Treemont first. All water is REALLY high. Saw 4 kayakers pass at the second bridge. Still not enough light for photos. Ate the rest of our Subway for lunch and walked some. Stopped at Chololate Bar in Townsend for coffee & chocolate. Free Wifi to check the weather. Stopped at Sugarlands for a brochure and walked some more.

Newfound Gap Road was closed. Couldn’t get to the east side of the park and out of the rain. Got stuck getting through Gatlinburg to get to Cosby. Need to avoid this place on the weekends. Cosby campground is tucked back in the middle of nowhere. Can’t see a reason to camp here unless there’s something up Cosby Creek somewhere.

Left Cosby and crossed the Eastern Foothills Parkway to get to I-40. Several really good views here. Not sure what direction though.

Checked Big Creek next Tent only camp about a mile or so down a 1 lane gravel road. Right off of exit 451 on I-40.. Would be a good spot to use for access to Cataloochee. Turned around and went back to camp. Had to go through Pigeon Forge, but it wasn’t bad.

Tacos for dinner! This camper thing is pretty great. It would suck to be out here in a tent right now. Still waiting on some asshole to turn off his generator so we can get some sleep.

Sunday – 4/21/2019 – Easter

Ran the battery out last night by 3:30am. Left the outside light on. Fridge & heat don’t work with no battery! Need a checklist for that.

Hard to get up early because of the rain on the roof. April wasn’t feeling well so I left and hit Cades Cove. Was at the gate when it opened at 6:30. Too cloudy for the sun to break through. Just like last year. Got some shots of some deer with April’s camera.

Got back to camp at 8 & cranked the generator. Made coffee and ate breakfast. Pour over coffee seems to be the way to go! Left around 10:30. Hit traffic on the way out of Cades Cove. Bear & cubs in a tree about a mile from the entrance. Had traffic backed up getting into Cades Cove about 3 miles! Hiked part way up Middle Prong trail. Got some shots of the stream at about a mile & 1/2. Hiked back to the trailhead for lunch.

Stopped at the 2nd bridge, but the dogwood there had dropped its flowers. Shot several compositions on B&W with a green filter.

Filled up in Townsend and headed for 411. Not a bad drive. Stopped at Sugarland and again at Newfound Gap. No water at Newfound Gap. Pushed on to Deep Creek Overlook. Finished the Velvia roll with a polarizer and loaded HP4 125. Shot the whole roll with a red filter and a 1/2 ND Grad. Made it back to camp with no problems.

April headed around Cades Cove and I cooked chicken stir fry. We survived. Hot shower and ready for bed. Lucy is already asleep on the couch. Really good day after the sun came out. Hoping for more sun tomorrow!

Monday – 4/22/2019

Writing this later. Must have forgotten to update after we got home. Pretty easy drive home – took it slow and easy. I do remember shooting a roll of Velvia at the cemetery around the tree near the exit of Cades Cove.

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