Eclipse Console Window

Here’s a quick code snippet for using the Console view that is included with the standard Eclipse views when using RCP.  In the example, I am using the output from Log4J and streaming it to the Console.

The Console import declarations are:


import org.eclipse.ui.console.ConsolePlugin;
import org.eclipse.ui.console.IConsole;
import org.eclipse.ui.console.IConsoleManager;
import org.eclipse.ui.console.MessageConsole;


The code that you will need to create the Console and direct the Logging output to the console is:


// Connect the Logging output to the console view.
ConsolePlugin plugin = ConsolePlugin.getDefault();
IConsoleManager consoleManager = plugin.getConsoleManager();
MessageConsole console = new MessageConsole("Console", null);
consoleManager.addConsoles(new IConsole[] { console });

logger = Logger.getLogger("default");
logger.addAppender(new WriterAppender(new SimpleLayout(), console.newMessageStream()));

And that is basically it. All output to the logger is now streaming to the Console window in the application.

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