Peavey Rockmaster

It is hard to have a category on guitar without mentioning the pre-amp that I use. While I was working at Peavey, there were a load of Rock Master Pre-amps that were made for Europe but were not able to be shipped. I was able to get my hands on one (all I had to do was ask) and convert it over to use 120V/60Hz. This preamp is probably the most versatile amp I’ve ever played. It will do everything from a warm, clean sound -to gritty blues – to hi-gain sustain. The lead and ultra channels also have an active three band equalizer with an adjustable middle frequency to get more of a metal/thrash sound. Now I just need a good clean tube half stack to drive it.

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  1. Glenn Sykes says:

    I have been using the rockmaster for nearly 20 years now & I have always loved it. I have lived abroad for a number of years (primarily in Sweden) but am currently back in the US. My wife and I are planning on moving back within the next several years & I was wondering what I may need to do to convert my RM for use with 230V/50hz power. Is it as simple as changing out a transformer or is something else needed? Please let me know. Any information is greatly appreciated.



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