After we left Canyon Village, we drove up to Slough Creek and found a good campsite. This area is popular with fly-fishermen, so it may be difficult to find spots around here. We did a day hike in Lamar Valley, over to the Lamar River. We had planned to stop and eat lunch near the river, but started back as the weather started looking bad again.

The next day we went into Mammoth Hot Springs and saw the Elk for the first time hanging out by the buildings. Mammoth was one of the most interesting places in the park with all of the hot springs and colorful pools. I didn’t get any good shots here – mostly because of the people and because the hot springs were usually covered with steam.

We found a campsite at Indian Creek campground and went to see Old Faithful. We went into the Old Faithful Inn and asked if they had any cancellations or rooms available. We actually got a room at Old Faithful Inn with a walk-up reservation! This is one of the coolest places that I have ever stayed.

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  1. Great pictures all around … This last one “All American” is my favorite. You are quite impressive!

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