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Buffalo River 2012

Currently planning the trip for the weekend of May 18 – 21.  That is the weekend after Mother’s Day and the weekend before Molly&Chase and Dad&Mrs Lori’s anniversaries.  We’re going to rent the canoes from the Buffalo Outdoor Center that … Continue reading

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Scanned Film Sharpness

I finally had one of my images from Yosemite printed in a larger format (9″ x 16″) and found that the print was nowhere near as sharp as I thought it would be. I started going through the reasons that … Continue reading

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Fun with Google CodePro

Usually when a software tool has “Pro” in the name, it means that it is expensive. Sometimes it just means that the features are unlocked so that you can actually use the tool. In this case it means FREE. I … Continue reading

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Kallitype Printing

I had ordered a kit for Kallitype printing from the Photographer’s Formulary and received it a while back. It came with seven pages of instructions that still seem a bit short. Next time I will order from Bostick and Sullivan … Continue reading

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In July 2009, we flew from Huntsville to Denver to Jackson Hole and drove from there. The airport in Jackson Hole is spectacular – it’s in a field directly in front of the Tetons! We stopped off for a little … Continue reading

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Eclipse Console Window

Here’s a quick code snippet for using the Console view that is included with the standard Eclipse views when using RCP.  In the example, I am using the output from Log4J and streaming it to the Console. The Console import … Continue reading

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Overlay Icon

I had a good bit of trouble in Eclipse with taking an Icon and adding another Icon as an overlay. This was needed for creating an ILabelDecorator for the Common Navigator. I found a few posts on different forums that … Continue reading

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Schecter C1+

Here’s my guitar! It’s not quite new anymore; I’ve had it for about 8 months now. The picture doesn’t quite do the guitar justice. Of course, the sound is incredible. The only problem I have so far is the jumbo … Continue reading

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Peavey Rockmaster

It is hard to have a category on guitar without mentioning the pre-amp that I use. While I was working at Peavey, there were a load of Rock Master Pre-amps that were made for Europe but were not able to … Continue reading

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Buffalo River 2010

This is a placeholder to remind me to write down all of the crazy stories from this trip. What a trip! The river was up so much that we finished 4 days worth of floating in 2. So we hauled … Continue reading

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